Yamaha LF300UCA Outboard Motor 4 Stroke 300hp Super Ultra-Long Shaft EFI

Yamaha LF300UCA Outboard Motor 4 Stroke 300hp Super Ultra-Long Shaft EFI




Yamaha LF300UCA Outboard Motor 4 Stroke 300hp Super Ultra-Long Shaft EFI
V6 60 degree
24 Valve DOHC with Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT)
Class leading big bore 4.2 Litre
75mm electronically-controlled throttle valve
Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection System
Lightest in class by quite a margin
Compatible with Yamaha’s new electronic rigging system

Engine Type 24 Valve DOHC with VCT Direct Action 60° – V6
Displacement 4169 cc
Bore x Stroke 96 x 96 mm
Recommended Max RPM 5000-6000
Lubrication System Wet-sump
Fuel Management EFI
Ignition TCI
Starter System Electric
Alternator Output 12V-70A with Rectifier Regulator
Operation Method Remote Control
Trim & Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt
Digital Gauges Optional
Digital Network Gauges with Fuel Management Optional
Gear Ratio 1.75 : 1
OEDA Emission Rating ????
Gear Shift F-N-R
Exhaust system Through Propeller Hub (Jet)
Output (hp/kw) 300/223.7
Previous model code(s) LF300UXA


Yamaha SDS stainless steel prop
Single binnacle control box fly by wire
Separate key switch
3x Yamaha Top-of-range multi function digital gauges(Tacho and Speedo, Fuel management, Battery level, Trip, Trim, Hours, Warnings, etc)
Battery, Steering, Fuel filter, Fuel tank
Trim limiter(if required)

General Features:

  • New shape and cowling inspired by Yamaha’s V8 XTO 425hp
  • Enhanced lower unit with legendary reliability and durability
  • TotalTilt function – double tap up or down for automatic tilting
  • TotalTilt bracket allows the engine to tilt higher out of the water
  • Dual flush system – automatic or manual on-board engine flushing system
  • Built-in external flushing system
  • Thrust enhancing reverse exhaust redirects exhaust bubbles away from the prop when in reverse/low rpm
  • V6 Engine is extremely light, powerful and fuel efficient
  • Digital Electronic Throttle offers simple, smooth and precise operation
  • Plasma Fused Cylinders 60% harder than steel
  • Compact In-bank Exhaust System further reduces weight
  • Electronic Throttle Valve greatly increases fuel economy
  • One-touch start/stop for multiple engines
  • Variable Camshaft Timing(VCT) boosts low to mid-range torque
  • Variable Trolling Control from 600 to 1000 RPM

Price includes:

  • Outboard
  • Water test
  • Free prop exchange
Max. prop shaft output 220.6 kW (300 ps)
Full throttle operating range 5000 – 6000 r/min
Idling speed 650 – 750 r/min
Fuel consumption (guide only) 96.6 L/h @5500 r/min


Engine Type 24-Valve, DOHC with VCT, 60 deg. V6
Displacement 4169 cc
Bore x Stroke 96.0 × 96.0 mm
Compression ratio 10.3 :1
Starting enrichment Fuel injection
Fuel induction system Fuel injection
Lubrication System Wet sump
Engine oil capacity 6.3 L/ 6.0 L (with / without oil filter replacement)
Ignition system TCI
Ignition timing N/A
Spark plug LFR6A-11
Alternator 70 A (battery charging: 55 A)
Cooling system Raw-water, thermostatically controlled
Exhaust system Through propeller boss
Starting System Electric
Operation Method DEC(Digital Electric Control)
Trim and Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt with TotalTilt™
Digital Guages Optional
Command Link Gauges Optional


Bracket / Drive
Trim (Continuously variable)
Shallow water drive PTT: variable position
Steering angle 32 deg. each direction
Gear shift F-N-R
Gear ratio 1.75 (21/12)
Gear oil capacity 1.040 L
Propeller fitting Spline
Propeller rotation Clockwise(Counter clockwise available)


Transom Length
  • F300XCB: 643 mm (25.2 in)
  • F300UCB: 770 mm (30.3 in)
  • F300XSB: 643 mm (25.2 in)
  • F300USB: 770 mm (30.3 in)
  • F300XSB2: 643 mm (25.2 in)
  • F300USB2: 770 mm (30.3 in)
Dry Weight
  • F300XCB: 260kg
  • F300UCB: 268kg
  • F300XSB: 260kg
  • F300USB: 268kg
  • F300XSB2: 260kg
  • F300USB2: 268kg


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