Time of Delivery
Shipment schedules are approximate and are based on conditions at the time of approval by Buyer. Seller will in good faith try to influence delivery by the date given, but will not be responsible or accountable for delays in or failure to make deliveries because of its stopping to manufacture any item or service to causes beyond its control.

Buyer agrees that no equipment can be returned to Seller without written consent by Seller, and Buyer agrees to adhere to a restocking charge of up to 30 percent ($25 minimum), and shipping and handling may be charged on items returned within 30 days.

The following merchandise may not be returned for credit or exchange:
• Merchandise held longer than 30 days from the original invoice
• Special Order Items
• Discontinued Products.


1.Wired Transfer  

Please contact us at our Support Center.
Note: Please tell us after you pay the wired transfer with your order number, the amount paid, the transaction number and the exact date you made the wired transfer.  

Best Ways to Send Money Internationally
TransferWise brings a streamlined approach to international money transfers for sending money between your bank account and another in a different country.

2. PayPal

We accept PAYPAL with Hight fee 5-10%. You can use TransferWise for cheap cost

Transferring via PayPal costs a minimum of 4.5% when transferring money across borders. MassPay, their cheapest method charges a 2% fee and then adds an additional 2.5% currency transfer fee.
If you send $1000 abroad PayPal charges you $45. By using TransferWise you are only charged a maximum of 1% for the transfer and no hidden fee for the currency exchange which means the total cost is $10. That’s quite a difference!

3. Credit Card

You can use the credit card via TransferWise.com

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